About Heather

Heather Lamont is a massage therapist working out of Escape Salon. As a massage therapist she looks after each person as an individual, catering each treatment to the persons specific healthcare needs. Heather is big believer in living a healthy lifestyle and caring for oneself to prevent illness and injury.

Heather is no stranger to health care and has been involved in the health care industry since 2003 where she got her start in nursing and continued to work as a personal support working for 3 years until deciding to continue with her education by becoming an RMT. As a PSW Heather learned the importance maintaining a healthy lifestyle no matter what stage a person is in in their life and how each person is unique with specific needs and goals. From working with such a wide variety of people she has been able to identify chief concerns and causes of recurring issues and injuries that may arise.

Heather helps people deal with pain, previous injuries, and prevention of injuries. Heather is passionate about caring for others and helping people achieve their goals. The client is always first! She’s looking for a solution and is able to communicate what she sees going on with the client, ask the client questions so they can come up with the best treatment plan possible for the client. Client feedback is always encouraged to ensure the most effective treatment with a positive outcome.

Massage is an individual experience. Heather caters to the unique needs of each person. She understands that each person has their own lifestyle that can incorporate many different stresses on the body which can lead to aches and pains. Whether sitting at a computer all day, have a physically demanding job, high stress job or general aches and pains; massage can help.
When sitting in one position for a long period of time staring at a computer or sitting the mouse and phone, slouching tends to follow. As your posture slips strain is placed from your neck down through your hips. Over time muscles can shorten, joints can become stiff, trigger points can form, muscles feel tights and that leads to pain. Massage therapy can help stretch out shortened muscles, get rid of trigger points, help keep posture the way it’s suppose to be, relieving pain and helping to decrease recurrence and severity of pain.

With a physically demanding job lots of stress can be put on the body whether you’re lifting, moving, reaching, or climbing it can cause strain on many different parts of the body. Pulled muscles and back pain can slow you down. Massage can help keep your body moving, reduce pain and keep you working and enjoying your life.

High stress job? Take time off for yourself. As stress sets in you can feel your shoulders tensing and teeth clenching followed by a tension headache. Massage can help bring your shoulders back down, relieve tension in your neck and get rid of that nagging headache so you can get back to your life.

As we live our lives we participate in many different activities that can lead to general aches and pains. As time passes an occasional ache can turn into a small constant annoyance and continued into pain. Whether you’re at the annoyance stage or chronic pain massage can help. Each ache and pain forms for a different reason and should be addressed as such. Each treatment is tailored to your specific needs to ensure the best results possible so you can continue doing the things you love.